The day I found out that Bollywood is the biggest plagiarist around

I have never quite been a big fan about Bollywood. I was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. Though there are so many Indians here, I did not quite connect very much with Indian culture, especially Bollywood.

I was a realist since I was a kid. I wanted everything to be real. In fact, when I used to buy toys, I used to strip every single sticker off of it so that it could look real. Hey, would you fire a gun which said “supergun” at the barrel? I didn’t think so either.

So all those movies which defied every single law of physics possible was a no-no to me. Okay, Bollywood songs were pretty appealing then. I liked many of them. But movies? No way.

I can’t imagine movies where suddenly the guy and the girl just sing and dance and suddenly people just come out of nowhere and start singing and dancing too. And all this with PERFECT synchronization. How is that even possible?

Another thing I absolutely hated about Bollywood movies, were some of the action movies that were playing. What kind of a fist-fight has this clear, 80-km-audible kind of “dishoom-dishoom” going on? And apparently, even if the guy is from the poorest of poor neighbourhoods, he still knows expert Kung-Fu and give the Chinese a run for their money.

And I was wondering how more real it could get.

Okay. Getting back to the topic at hand. Sorry about that, I tend to deviate a bit.

As I said, I was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. The thing is, I wasn’t so much into Arabic culture as such. I respected it. But never took the pain of understanding it or adopting it as my own. In short, I didn’t care about it.

But as I grew older, I started taking an interest. Particularly when I learnt to read and write in Arabic. I loved Arabic food long back. Then slowly my interest turned to Arabic music. Arabic and Turkish too actually. They churned out some really good stuff.

I do not understand neither Arabic nor Turkish properly. But I listen to the songs. The music sounds really good. And of lately, I have been listening only to Turkish pop. I love some of the songs by singers like Mustafa Sandal, Tarkan, Gokhan Tepe, Gokhan Ozen, and Selim Gülgören. I also love Arabic pop, especially singers like Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Cheb Khaled and others.

Out of the whole 3 years I have been listening to Arab and Turkish pop, I just realized what BIG plagiarists the guys in Bollywood are. Especially the guys who compose the tracks for the movies. Oh yes.

Of course, it is not the first time, we are confronted with reports that songs were copied.

Here is a small list of what I have confirmed as plagiarized songs in Bollywood, from Turkish and Arabic pop. Yes. These are the songs where you find the actor and actress plus another 100 extras dancing and singing so merrily. ALL stolen. All of it.

1. Dil Samandar – Garam Masala (Copied from Kuzu Kuzu by Tarkan)

2. Kaise Mujhe – Ghajini (Copied from Gün Gibi by Tarkan)

3. Kaho na Kaho – Murder (Copied from Tamally Maak by Amr Diab)

4. Haan tu hain – Jannat (Copied from Ana Ayesh by Amr Diab)

6. Ya Ali – Gangster (Copied from Ya Ghali)

7. Tikhi Tikhi – Speed (Copied from Dudu by Tarkan)

8. Shikdum – Dhoom (Copied from Sikidim by Tarkan)

And all these are JUST from Turkish and Arabic. I think I haven’t even covered the whole of Turkish and Arabic.

And I think they just love Tarkan and Amr Diab very much. The patterns of the copying seem to suggest so.

I am told that others are rip-offs of English too.

Atif Aslam is the BEST example.

He sang a song called Tere Bin. The song is literally the Hindi translation of “How did I live without you” by Trisha Yearwood. Only thing when Atif Aslam sings it, it sounds more like a goat.

There are so many more. There are dozens of languages to choose from for these very awesome dudes in Bollywood. It makes me sick.

But you got to give it to these guys. Sometimes, they are able to cover it up so well. You got to have a really good ear for the song to notice the difference.

Now I can safely say “Gali-Gali mein shor hai, Bollywood ke log chor hai”

Suckers. Get a life.


9 thoughts on “The day I found out that Bollywood is the biggest plagiarist around

  1. dud…not only songs..d films as a whole r copied frm english movies ….if u analyse 8 out of 10 movies wud be a mixture of hollywood excelence turned into bollywood’s stupidity…

  2. dud…not only songs..d films as a whole r copied frm english movies ….if u analyse 8 out of 10 movies wud be a mixture of hollywood excelence turned into bollywood’s stupidity…

  3. Epic.Send this to Anu Malik.He’ll file a lawsuit against you.and beat this : he’ll STILL manage to get away with it.

  4. You are being too critical of bollywood . First of all, bollywood is a film industry and you are making judgements through songs. Bollywood is vast beyond your imagination. It produces most no. of films in the world. Some are bound to be inspired. Watch movies like ‘A Wednesday’, Dev D’, ‘Kahaani’ and then comment. Only few filmmakers are stupid. If you see the song list you will see that most are of Mahesh Bhatt. There are many facets of bollywood are you should respect it for that.

  5. I am an Indian, that too working in BHollywood (although there are some who prefer ‘Indian Film Industry’) and I am going to copy this article and paste it on my Blog as mine (of course after making a bit of changes, that again will only be considered as grammatical mistakes)

  6. you know noting of bollywood…most of all you know nothing of the indian people and what is a film…so stop wasting your life critisising people you remotely knowand istead, YOU get a life

  7. since my childhood I’ve been a formidable Bollywood fan both movies and songs but then when I went to Egypt it was quit a fantastic experience my colleagues would play an Arabic song and I’ll start singing in Hindi,I was amazed not only new but old rotten sings too,I remember that song ” mehboob mere mehboob mere teri ankho se muje peene de”.that was the time my taste changed you will find lot of Arabic English Turkish Persian sings in my play list and minimum hindi.I like amr diab,ragib ala,ehab towfiq,Cheb khalid,tarkan,Manu more fabulous singers

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